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About me!



    Hi, my name is ANDY MARTINEZ.

I started tattooing in 1992; since that time I've tattooed in San Diego California,

I have been a guest artist in Florida, New York, Sturgis Bike Rally a few years and I am also licensed to tattoo in Hawaii.

    I have worked the majority of the time right here in fort worth, Texas at Randy Adams Tattoo Studio.  I have seen lots of changes in this industry, some good some not so good.

    I believe in giving you my best, and I stand up to my word and work. I believe your word and a hand shake still stands for something. Stop by, say hello, and follow me and my team on Facebook.


    TEAM ANDYTATTOO was started by me just wanting to help a person reach their athletic goal.  I have sponsored a few MMA fighters, a few boxers, runners, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and triathletes. 

    One day my partner Stacy asked if I would run a few 10 k's with her. After that race she then said  if  I ran a half marathon with her she would quit smoking! On November 14th 2009 we ran the half.  Since that race day we have run several half marathons. She then moved up another level to triathlons. Stacy had a goal and signed up for a Full Ironman before ever doing one triathlon race. Since then she has  completed several half Ironmans, numerous smaller distance triathlon races and completed not one ,but two Full  Ironmans! 

    We have several atheletes wear our logo with pride. Thank you all!​

My familia!


What makes a man strong u ask?  Family!

    I have the greatest family a person could ask for, my parents are both living and are strong in mind and body, my siblings all run, walk and are very active. I have two great kids, both married and doing well.

    As for me; I live my life! I can honestly say I have truly lived. Never will I wonder "what if?" Anytime in my life there has been something I have wondered about or found interesting;  I have done. I have met a lot of great people along the way. I have four great men that I look up to and I continue to strive to be as I see them.

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